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  • How do I book a colour?
    You can book via this chat during salon hours. If we are closed, just leave us a message here and our lovely FOH angels will pick it up when we open. or You can just give us a call Gedling 0115 9871005 or Beeston 0115 9430007 X
  • Do I need a skin /patch allergy alert test for a colour?
    In order to ensure your safety, we skin test every 6 months. So if you are having a new colour we will ask you to come in for a colour consultation and a skin/patch test. Regular clients will also be re-tested every 6 months, don't worry our FOH Angels will let you know when you need to have a repeat test. .
  • What happens during a colour consultation?
    ​Hairven care about you, your hair health and want to make sure we fully understand what you want to achieve. A colour consultation takes about 20-30 minutes, we will ask lots of questions about your hair history, health and what colour you are looking to achieve. As there are so many techniques and specialist colours we will also want to ensure we book out the right time when you come in. We will also give you an estimate of cost, on the day we may or may not use extra colour so this will be costed in for you.
  • Why do I need a skin/Test?
    Hairven's first priority is always your health so we will always skin test and never take any risk with your health. People can develop allergy which could result in anaphylaxis . for example in the same way someone may form an allergy to nuts. So It is really important that you are skin/patch tested to ensure you have no allergy or have formed an allergy to haircolour. Whilst we are a Wella salon and use non Paraphenylenediamine based colours, we still need to check you are not allergic as there is an incredibly small active trace and we also want to ensure you are not allergic to any products we may use during your colour service.
  • What are your opening hours?
    Our opening times are: Monday 10am to 6pm Tuesday 10am to 6pm Wednesday 10am to 8pm Thursday 10am to 8pm Friday 10am to 6pm Saturday 9am to 4pm Sunday. closed
  • Why do you have different levels of stylist?
    Our different levels reflect the level of experience and time on the salon floor, our stylists specialise in different areas of hairdressing.
  • Where can I park?
    Gedling salon have on street parking in the local area, this is free. Beeston salon have quite a few car parks situated in the area, Middle street parking is £1 all day, Derby Street is £2 all day. We understand Tesco is free for a few hours, we do not recommend anyone parking in Tesco if they are having a colour as this may result in you having to move your vehicle part way through your service.
  • How can I can I contact you?
    You can get in touch easily via any of the following methods: You can talk top our FOH angels during opening hours via the "Chatbox" below Gedling 0115 9871005 Beeston 0115 9430007
  • How far do I need to book in advance?
    Depending on what you want to have done If you want a particular day or time it is best to book in advance For colours at least 3 weeks in advance For extensions, colour corrections or any lengthy service we suggest you book as far ahead as possible. We sometimes have availability where someone may have moved an appointment on the day and we suggest you call first thing to see what availability we have. ​
  • Why do I need to confirm my appointment?
    Not only is it important we know you want your appointment but we also need to know for health & safety, as some of our clients have allergies or specialist needs so it is important we know who is attending everyday. If you do not confirm and do not answer texts or calls we may have to take you appointment out for someone who is waiting - so please please always answer so we know you want your slot. if you don't not a problem just let us know.
  • Do you have a waiting list?
    We do have a waiting list. Sometimes we may not have the day you want so we will suggest you get a booking in the future, we will add to to our waiting list. People are always having to change appointments due to work etc. If a slot becomes available you will get a text or call, so we suggest you always answer texts and calls
  • Do I have to pay a deposit?
    Just like all salons, restaurants now days we also require a deposit to secure any booking. This is to protect against false bookings and no shows. This is redeemable against your appointment, if you cancel within the required 48 hours' notice and unable to fill this cancelled appointment, your deposit will be absorbed. We require £25 for a cut and finish, £50 for a colour service.
  • How much notice do I need to give if I have to cancel?
    We understand sometimes you may need to move your appointment. We require a minimum of 48 hours' notice; this gives us an opportunity to refill the appointment slot. If you have an emergency we get it and will do our best to accommodate you, But if you fail to give notice or just do not show up you will lose any deposit and may have to pay in full for any future appointment. This is because if you do not let us know we cannot fill your slot.

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