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    1. Hello Joanne,

      LVL lashes are £45 and you also receive 180 Angel points! you can see more about LVL lashes via our page

      Thank you XX Your Hairven Angels Xx

    2. Hi Joanne, we charge £45 and you also get 180 Angel Points… also we have a package on until the 31.10.17 which includes HD Brows and LVL for £59 so you save £11 X

    1. Hello Jackie,

      Yes you can but I would suggest you book in for a complimentary consultation so we can advise the best way forward for you and agree a plan for you X you can book in on 0115 9430007 Beeston or 0115 9871005 Gedling.

      We hope to see you soon XX Your Hairven Angels XX

  1. Hi, I’m looking for a hairdresser to help grow my hair much longer over a time period. Can you recommend any of your team to help? Thank you

    1. Hello Rebecca, all of our team can help tbh and we also have the most amazing products that can aid hair growth X You can book in for a complimentary consultation and we can see where you are at and what is needed – get your Hairven HairPlan together XX

  2. Hi,
    I referred a friend to the Beeston Salon her name is Joanne Bentley and she has an appointment with Danny on the 6 November can I claim the 1000 points please 🙂

    1. Hello AnneMarie, absolutely and thank you … just show this message when you are in.. if your friend puts your name on the form then we will automatically put them on for you anyway XX

  3. Hi

    Just travelling on the train from Leicester to Nottingham. The two ladies I am sat with are discussing their nails and the difficulty of finding time to get their nails done. Have you ever thought of offering a nail service / manicure on the train?
    Just a thought. All the best 🙂

    1. Hello Debbie, our restyles range from £31 to £39, you can also get 25% off Monday to Thursday until 10.11.17 and an Angel rewards card too X

    1. Hi Allie, all of our Beauty Angels are qualified to the highest level and have years of experience, we do lots of post and pre pregnancy massage so don’t worry you are in very safe hands and congratulations XX

  4. Hi, I’m just wondering what brand of dye you use for hair? I’ve recently has a patch test at a salon that use Weller and have had an allergic reaction.

    1. Hi Christina, we are also a Wella salon but we do also have a specialist Wella product that we could certainly test you with.. I suggest you give us a call on Gedling 0115 9871005 or Beeston 0115 9430007 and book in for a consultation advising this message XX

  5. Hello there, I have a question regarding my hair. I have black hair but started to grow gray hair and it’s getting every time I dye it black. So I gave up on colouring it also makes me look old now I want to have Silver and gray highligh is that possible ?

    1. Hello Maha, we would need to book you in for a complimentary colour consultation as it is very difficult to evaluate what can and cannot be achieved without seeing and being able to assess your hairs condition.. You can book in on Gedling 0115 9871005 or Beeston 0115 9430007 or online via the book online on our homepage.. & yes the colour sounds lovely and I am sure we can help XX Your Angels XX

  6. Hi. please could you advise if £65 for the lash extensions includes the top and bottom lashes or just the top as I am unsure what a half and full set include? Thank you

    1. Hello, yes we do. You can call into either salon as we are open today until 2pm or call us Gedling 0115 9871005 or Beeston 0115 9430007.. Merry Christmas X

  7. Hi

    I am currentley looking at having Foils full head & cut and Blow dry. I am looking at Vanessa as I use to go to her along time ago not at your Salon.

    The dates I am looking at is

    31/05/18 onwards

    if she is booked up could I look at my next appoitment

    03/08/18 or 04/08/18

    I understand I will need to make a appointment for a patch test as I have not highlights with your salon.

    I may try to call

    1. Hi Samantha, how lovely to hear from you. If you give us a call on 0115 9430007 we will get your consultation and appointment booked in. XX Your Angels XX

  8. Hiya 🙂 just a small enquiry about wedding hair? Do you have any up do’s my friend can look at? How much roughly on the wedding day will a hair up be? Thank you xx

    1. Hello Teri, congratulations! if you give us a call on 0115 9430007 we can discuss your options with you. XX Your Angels XX

  9. Hi.
    Im looking into having my nails done ombre style for my wedding, would this require tips or extensions to give them the length they need? x

    1. Hello Jenna, congratulations!! if you give us a call on 0115 9430007 we can discuss your options with you. XX Your Angels XX

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