Relaxing & Anti-Ageing Facials at Hairven Hair & Beauty Salons, Nottingham

Relaxing & Anti-Ageing Facials at Hairven Hair & Beauty Salons, NottinghamCome and revitalise your skin at Hairven local beauty salons in Nottingham. Our customised facials will dramatically improve your appearance whilst restoring your skin’s vitality.

Hairven offers bespoke facials to suit your skincare needs, combining the most advanced ingredients with the latest skincare technology for instantly youthful, radiant and flawless skin.

Our beauty therapists are trained to give you a range of high quality and effective facial treatments to leave you feeling revived, refreshed and looking gorgeous! All spa treatments include a thorough consultation to create a holistic therapy that is designed just for you.

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Bee Sting Facial

Lift and firm your skin with this renewing facial that has been specially formulated using natural and organic ingredients. The Bee Sting Facial contains Heaven’s Bee Venom* which is professionally massaged into the skin to give an instant anti-ageing effect, leaving you looking and feeling instantly younger. It aims to reduce signs of tiredness and ageing including lines, puffy eyes, pigmentation and loose tissue.  The results can last for several days. 

*No bees are harmed in the extraction of the bee venom!

ESPA Moisturising Facial at Top Nottingham Beauty Salon

Moisturise and re-balance your skin with an Angel Facial Treatment. This moisture quenching treatment will re-hydrate your skin and give it the nourishment it craves. Boost skin hydration and restore suppleness with ESPA’s Cellular Hydration serum. Book your appointment in our Nottingham salons today! 

ESPA Guardian Angel Facial Restoration Treatment

Does your skin need a healing touch? Reduce skin redness and restore your skin’s natural balance with our Guardian Angel Healing Hands Facial. It will de-sensitise and repair your skin using ESPA’s Tri-Active range.

ESPA Angel Anti-Ageing Facial

Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with the ESPA Anti-Ageing facial. This facial turns back the hands of time and gives your skin an extra boost to regenerate cell renewal, whilst supporting your skin’s collagen and elastase levels. Our age-defying massage techniques, in addition to a customised selection of age-defying products, will target lines, brighten, lift and smooth your skin. 

ESPA Heavenly Glow Skin Renewal Treatment

Renew tired and dull-looking skin with our Heavenly Glow Facial Treatment. Active enzymes are the main driving force of this facial treatment that helps leaves skin smoother, reduce pigmentation and brighten your complexion. You will leave your local Hairven beauty salons in Gedling or Beeston with noticeably brighter and naturally radiant skin. 

ESPA Heavenly Touch Anti-Acne Facial

Clearer skin, reduced redness and less irritation can be yours with our Heavenly Touch Anti-Acne Facial Treatment. This deep cleansing facial treatment will treat oily skin, enlarged pores, blemish-prone and hormonally imbalanced skin. We use ESPA’s oil reducing facial to help regulate skin’s natural oil production, refine pores and clear blemishes. It can soothe and calm angry irritated skin.

Book Your Facial at Hairven Beauty Salons in Nottingham

If you’re after a soothing and relaxing facial, please get in touch with one of our hairdressing salons by calling us on the links below:

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