Hair Colour Correction

Professional Hair Colour Correction at Hairven Hairdressing Salons in Nottingham

If you’ve experienced a hair colour disaster at home, do not despair.  Thanks to the experts at Hairven Hairdressing Salons in Beeston & Gedling, we can transform your hair back to beautiful condition and create a bespoke hair colour for you. 

Your first step is to book in for a complimentary hair colour correction consultation appointment.  We will work out a plan of action, determine the best colour for your hair, and explain the price and process involved.

How to Improve Hair Colour That Has Gone Wrong

hair colour correction, northampton hair & beauty salons, Hairven hairdressingOur hair colour experts have the knowledge, experience and expertise to assess your hair and work out a plan to improve your hair’s condition and colour.

We are experienced in correcting hair colour problems which range in variety and severity from patchy hair colour to hair breakage to hair colour that looks nothing like the shade on the at-home hair dying kit!

Our specialists can also help if you want to completely change your hair colour.  If you want your hair to become darker, this will require at least two separate colour applications to get the perfect hair colour for your skin tone and sense of style. Altering to a lighter hair colour is also best left to our Hairven Angels.  We can prepare your hair with a special colour remover before creating a personalised multi-tonal and rich hair colour.

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Book Your Hair Colour Correction Appointment at Hairven Hairdressing Salons in Beeston & Gedling

If you’re looking for a professional hair colour correction service, please get in touch with one our hairdressing salons on the links below: