Beautiful Nails at Hairven Hair & Beauty Salons in Beeston & Gedling, Nottingham

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Your make-up and hair are pristine…but are your nails up to scratch? If not, at Hairven Beauty Salons in Beeston & Gedling our expert nail technicians can give you a beautiful manicure and pedicure.

Using our collection of beautiful nail colours from Artistic Nail Design, our professional nail technicians can transform even the most uneven or broken nails into perfectly designed and painted talons.

Whether you’re looking for a quick manicure, long-lasting gel nails, nail extensions or a Callus Peel, we offer a wide range of nail services in comfortable surroundings.

Manicures & Pedicures in Beeston & Gedling

manicures & pedicures, hairven hair & beauty salons, beeston and gedling,nottinghamWe can keep your nails in tip-top condition and looking sensational with our manicure and pedicure services.  From a basic mani or pedi to a luxury manicure, we have different services to suit your needs and budget.

If you want to take your manicure service to the next level, try our ‘Heavenly Manicure’ where we will cleanse, exfoliate and massage your hands. We will then warm your hands in mitts and complete your luxury treatment with nail shaping, cuticle work and a polish of your choice.

Tired tootsies will enjoy our ‘Heavenly Pedicure’, a luxury pedicure where your feet will be cleansed, buffed & massaged to melt away those aches and pains. We will then finish with a polish of your choice.

Long-Lasting Gel Nails at Nottingham’s Top Beauty Salon

gel nails, nail extensions, beauty salons in gedling and beeston, nottinghamEnjoy long-lasting perfect nails with our fabulous gel nails service.  

Gel nails are hardened under a safe ultraviolet light to give you perfect nails for up to two weeks – that means no smudges, chips or flakes!

The benefits of gel nails are that they dry instantly with a high shine.  You can choose to have a natural looking nail, French tips or have your favourite nail colour.   

Artistic Nail Design offer a wonderful range of colours from denim blues to high gloss reds and matte blacks, greens and blues.  Whatever your preference, we have the nail colour for you!

Nail Extensions at Hairven Beauty Salons in Beeston & Gedling

manicures & pedicures, hairven hair & beauty salons, beeston and gedling,nottinghamAt our Nottinghamshire beauty salons, we can create beautiful nail extensions or nail overlays to give you gorgeous long nails. 

Nail extensions are a great way to add strength and length to your natural nails.

They are made from lightweight plastic and are cut to the shape of your nail. These are glued on to your own nails and overlaid with acrylic or gel to secure and finish.

If you are after beautiful long-lasting beautiful nails, get in touch and we will advise you on the best options to suit your needs.

Professional Nail Art 

We can transform your nails into a work of art with our Nail Art service.  Nail Art is a creative way to decorate, enhance and embellish your nails. Our talented nail artists can create stunning, customised nail art to make your nails look sensational.  

Callus Peel for Smoother Feet

Need to get rid of those rough patches under your feet? With a 4-step system using Callus Peel, we can help soften hard and stubborn skin to leave your feet feeling baby soft and smooth. The Callus Peel treatment normally lasts around 20 minutes and is designed to remove the hard skin and calluses on your feet. 

Nail Services – Prices

Manicures, Pedicures & Nail Services
Gel Nails £20
Gel Nailswith Soak Off £25
Gel Toes £20
Gel Nails & Toes
(includes file and shape, finished off in a colour of your choice.
Manicure £22
File & Polish £11
Manicure with Polish £28
Manicure with Gel Polish £40
Heavenly Manicure £30
Pedicure £22
Pedicure with Polish £28
Pedicure with Gel Polish £40
Heavenly Pedicure £29
Reflexology £45
Manicure & Pedicure £40

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