How long have you been working in the industry?  11 years.  I started in a spa, then salons, worked for Elemis… then found my true place at Hairven!

What do you most like about your career?  Charity and events – give back what you can!  I also enjoy advising clients on skin care, health/body/muscular issues and seeing how small changes can make a huge difference.  Plus, I love wedding/bridal make-up and being a part of someone’s special day – helping them feel beautiful is amazing!

Which areas do you specialise in? I specialise in skincare, facials, advanced skin-care and also massage-especially prenatal massage (my favourite).

What have been the highlights of your career so far?  There are so many!

  • 100% working with my Hairven family. Best choice I have ever made! Love you all!
  • Anyone who can walk in stressed or in pain, upset etc and I can help to heal, unwind and make them smile is always a highlight.
  • LOVE training with ESPA, Also was chosen to perform treatments on an ESPA director.
  • Attending conferences at Elemis head office – great chance to understand product industry from salon/ consumer perspective
  • Working with Hairven at charity events
  • When Hairven won HJ awards in 2015 for UK – best night ever.