Are You Suffering From Hair Loss?

Are You Suffering Hair Loss Following Covid-19? Advice From the Experts at Hairven Hair & Beauty Salons, Nottingham

hair loss experts at hairven hair salons in nottingham As we ease out of lockdown and begin to regain some kind of normalcy, we are seeing an increasing number of our clients experiencing hair shedding as a result of the stress of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

If you are suffering hair loss or thinning hair or are experiencing temporary alopecia or hair loss caused by hormonal stress please do not despair – we can help. You will be happy to learn that the  Medical Aesthetics Division of Hairven will soon bring medical-grade supplements that help with all things hair, skin, nails & joints helping to bring beauty & wellness from within. We will be releasing further information on this soon – watch this space!

*Please  note – It is important to consult your GP if you feel there is something not quite right.  

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Can Covid – 19 Cause Hair Loss?

As we learn more about post covid related health issues it is becoming apparent that there are a number of potentially long-lasting effects that can be caused by this awful virus including hair loss.

It has been reported that once on the road to recovery following an illness such as coronavirus some people experience symptoms of hair loss such as extra hair shedding or hair falling out in clumps. This can be weeks or even months later.

Is The Amount Of Hair I’m Shredding Normal?

hair loss experts at hairven hair salons in nottingham There are a number of reasons that you may be experiencing hair loss and it’s important to remember it’s totally normal to shed hair daily in varying amounts from our scalp. Some experts believe that hair loss following stress, shock, or a traumatic event such as covid-19 can have a huge psychological effect.

When the body is stressed it releases cortisol, which in excess, can lead to something called ‘telogen effluvium’ (temporary hair loss to me and you). How long Telogen Effluvium lasts can vary, it is important to seek medical help for the best advice and treatment.

Visit The Hair Loss Experts in Nottingham at Hairven Hair Salons

Why not book a complimentary consultation with one of the skilled hair stylists in our Nottingham hair salons? A good hair cut can make all the difference and can really boost your confidence too. Your angels will take the time to carefully listen about your hair concerns and suggest the best products, hair cut & styling tips to help make thin & fine hair look thicker & more voluminous.

There are some simple steps you can follow to help look after your locks including keeping any brushing to a minimum and maintaining regular trims and conditioning treatments to prevent split ends.  

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