What Makes Your Hair Grow?

All You Need To Know About Growing Your Hair from the Hair Experts at Hairven Hair Salons in Beeston & Gedling

Ever wondered what makes hair grow & why growing hair is a lengthy process? Questions such as what is the number of hair on my head and how fast do they grow, are common at our hair salons in Beeston & Gedling. At Hairven,  we have gathered the facts with regards these questions, which is useful for maintaining healthy hair.

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How Does Hair Grow?

Hair Extensions volume hairven hair salons beeston & gedlingOn the average, a person has about 100,000 hair follicles on their head, and each grows around ½ inch monthly and 0.35 daily. The hair follicles are a small pocket of skin through which hair grows.

The growth rate of hair follicles is dependent on things like diet, genetics and hormones. During pregnancy, some women say their hair feels stronger and thicker, and this is because of the extra hormones in the body.  

Why are haircuts painless?

Is it not surprising that haircuts are painless? A pair of scissors is going through a part of you, and you do not feel it. Well, here is the science behind that. When hair grows, it passes through the hair follicles to the scalp. The hair picks cell proteins from the blood vessels in the scalp as it grows through the follicles root. These cells nourish the follicles, and an increase in production boosts hair growth.

As hair grows longer, it pushes through to the skin, and when very long it will become visible on the scalp. At this point, the cell’s proteins are dead, and this is why you do not feel pains when you have a haircut.

Why can’t I grow my hair longer?

The inability to grow hair beyond a certain length is a result of having flat follicles (on most occasions). How long your hair grows is sometimes not as a result of your input – it is a matter of the shape of your follicles.

Longer hair length is associated with round follicles because they grip hair firmly while shorter hair length is linked to flat follicles due to their weak grip on hair.

As your hair becomes longer, the weight increases and it gets so thick that the hair follicles are not able to hold it, so they shed them. However, do not fret, as the follicles will grow them again!

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How to grow your hair – tops tips from best hair salons in Beeston & Gedling

what makes hair gro? hairven hair salons beestonHere are the top tips to grow your hair from the expert hair stylists at Hairven. These tips will help boost your hair’s growth and health:

  • Taking supplements that nourish the hair follicles
  • Eating food rich in zinc, protein and iron
  • Having regular haircuts
  • Avoiding shampoo that is harsh on your scalp.

What causes damage to my hair?

One common cause of hair damage is the use of shampoos that contain silicone – these shampoos cause hair breakage. Contact with chlorine and the use of heat appliances such as blow dryers or curling irons also damage hair.  Heat appliances weaken the hair shaft, and constant use can lead to loss of hair.

Having regular haircuts and using professional hair care products suitable for your hair can prevent hair damage. Our deep conditioning hair treatments will also keep your hair healthy and shiny too!

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